LCRC Kinetic Painting with Robots Workshop

After making tiny vibrating robots from the head of a toothbrush, dipping it in paint and watching them spin on paper, I asked the kids if they were the artists or if the bots were. Mostly the answer was “It tickles!”

robot art materials test 300x225 LCRC Kinetic Painting with Robots Workshop

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LCRC Homemade Papercraft Batteries Workshop

In front of a room of 25 astonished faces I dipped my finger into the brine and dabbed the last of the water onto the flower, the LED popping on and cries of “But but…where’s the battery?” echoing amid “Wait…what?”

Saltwater LED Flower and Lamp 300x225 LCRC Homemade Papercraft Batteries Workshop

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LCRC LED Foldie and Pac-Man Tag Game Workshops

Amid screams and shouts the stamping feet of 25 kids jumping from line to line to avoid the ghosts chasing them, their hands cupped tightly around tiny cubes of light illuminated by LEDs, echos up to the rafters in the darkened gym. Gosh those kids were loud.

LED Foldies Pac Man Tag Game 4 300x225 LCRC LED Foldie and Pac Man Tag Game Workshops

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LCRC Squishy Circuit Workshop

We’ve underestimated the potential use of energy emanating from 25 excited kids eating sugared playdoh. I reached this conclusion shortly after starting to talk about squishy circuits with a group of 6-8 year olds at the LCRC after school program. This project is part of Artengine’s community arts initiatives and is funded by the Community Foundation of Ottawa.

squishy circuit first test 300x225 LCRC Squishy Circuit Workshop

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