A First on Google Wave

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My friend kittenthebad did a rally call to her friends the other day to join an Intro to Java class she was teaching on Google Wave. She had set up instructions ahead of time for people to download Eclipse and when the time came we proceeded through her slides and demos while she held an open dialogue on the wave for questions and comments. She was super thorough with her examples and I felt well taken care of and slightly more knowledgeable than when I came in!

All and all an interesting experience, though GW was running a bit slow and we griped that there wasn’t the Chrome browser for macs yet. It was easy enough to set up an additional training session by the yes/no/maybe invite event function in GW and the next class will focus on an Intro to Processing (<3). A really neat tool for people to connect and work together over distance/disinclination to change from pj’s.

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